7 Simple Ways for Successful New Year's Resolutions

By Dr. Adam Alpers, D.O.


The following are 7 simple tips to help you manifest your New Year's Resolution into reality this year:


  1. Start now! Start to make a change today.Your future will be brighter once you start; you will feel happier, once you know you are putting your plan into action.

  2. Goals start with something as simple as a thought. These thoughts then manifest into reality. The clearer you make your goals, the easier it is for them to become reality. WRITE THEM DOWN!

  3. Do by action what you have visualized in your mind. If you want to lost weight, reduce your food intake. You will feel better by not having that little extra something, and because you have excercised you will have the will power to control your craving.

  4. Do not write a generic comment, be specific. Instead of writing, "I am going to get into better shape," write clearly, "I am going to permanently strengthen my body, tone my muscles, and completely improve my health."

  5. Time and time again, visualization has been proven to work. See yourself becoming stronger, becoming healthier, eating less, enjoying financial success, playing tennis, etc. it all starts in your mind's eye and is manifested from there.

  6. Do not take on too many tasks, or change too many things at one time. Staying focused in key. Finishing three or four things is so much better than starting 25 things and only getting them half done.

  7. Tell someone you care about, what your goals are. Do this, not for advice or help, but to make yourself acountable. Speaking your goals is just as important as writing them down. Speak them often and observe how quickly they appear in your life.


Beginning this year with reflection on last year is a great way to move forward. Make changes now by using these simple tips for the New Year. Keep a log of all of the good things that happen, and whether you achieve your resolutions before the year is over.  Keep making new intentions that can build on the ones you have already reached. Visualize yourself the way you desire yourself to be, and you will be better.