Getting Help for Your Allergies

By Dr. Adam Alpers, D.O.


No matter whether you believe you are allergic to dogs, some medication that you are taking, or dust, it is very important to get help for your condition. Aside from helping you enjoy your daily activities, getting help for your allergies provides long term health benefits. For example, if you tend to wheeze or sneeze from dust in the environment, you will exert stress on your lungs. On the other hand, once you obtain treatment for your allergies, you may notice fewer colds and other problems.


Discovering the Root Cause of Your Allergies


Many people get rid of their pets, purchase expensive carpets, or buy air filtration systems, only to find that they are still suffering from allergies. Unfortunately, you may be suffering from side effects that masquerade as allergies. For example, some medications have side effects that include sore throat, coughing, and even sneezing. Therefore, if you notice symptoms of allergic responses, you should start by reviewing the side effect information that comes with all of the medications that you are taking.


It is also important to realize that a number of pesticides and food additives cause damage to the immune system and create other problems, as well. While it may take a bit of effort, you should take the time to make a list of every single ingredient that you find in the foods that you consume, and then do some research on each item. As you learn more about the side effects of additives, such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and various preservatives, you may just find the root cause of your allergic responses. You will also need to determine the kinds of pesticides and antibiotics that are used on the meat, dairy, and plant based products that you normally eat.


Common Therapeutic Methods


If you see an allergy specialist, you will need to undergo a number of tests, in order to find out what triggers your allergic responses. Aside from being told to avoid various allergens, you may also be able to undergo desensitization therapy. As long as you do not have a life threatening allergy, these forms of therapy may enable you to enjoy having pets in your home, as well as to live a more comfortable life. Depending on the situation, there may also be available medications that will help you to overcome these allergic responses.


Dealing with Air Pollution


No matter whether you are concerned about the release of Corexit 40 into the air, or other pollutants, any number of chemicals can lead to serious allergic responses. Under these circumstances, it may be of some help to obtain air quality testing for your home and workplace. You should always take note of pesticide residue, as well as other chemicals that appear in the test results. Once you have this information in hand, you can ask your allergy doctor to determine if any of these chemicals are causing your problems.


Chances are you may consider your allergies to be more of an annoyance than anything else. On the other hand, it is important to realize that these immune responses still place a toll on your body. Fortunately, when you use a combination of investigative methods, you may be able to find ways to get rid of your allergies, as well as to lead a healthier lifestyle.