Endocrinologist Ocala, FL

The study of medicine that relates to the endocrine system, which is the system that controls hormones, is called endocrinology. These specially trained doctors diagnose diseases related to the glands. Endocrinologists, because they specialize in these conditions, which can be complex and have hard-to-spot symptoms, are your best advocate when dealing with hormonal issues.

A number of glands, which release hormones to control many different functions, make up the human endocrine system. Hormones from the glands enter the bloodstream and are transported to organs and tissues in every part of the body. Androgen is a notable hormone as both men and women have some androgen, though men have higher levels. Masculine traits associated with males, like facial hair and a deeper voice, are controlled by Androgens.

A trip to their primary care provider or family doctor begins most patients' journey to the endocrinologist. The primary doctor will run a series of tests to see what could be the potential problem the patient is facing. The primary care doctor will provide a referral if a problem with the hormones is suspected. If this affliction is detected the endocrinologist's goal is to restore hormonal balance in the body.

An endocrinologist alone may detect, diagnose and manage those conditions like low thyroid hormone production or hypothyroidism which deals only with an endocrine organ. Yet other disorders may have endocrine causes as well and other origins like infertility and may need a deeper understanding of medicine on the part of the endocrinologist to identify and work in collaboration with another specialist (a gynecologist in cases of infertility).