Three Things to Know About Frequent Headache Diets

By Dr. Adam Alpers, D.O.


Many people who suffer from frequent headaches try to block them out with painkillers. Unfortunately, when you choose this particular path, you may never gain a chance to solve the root cause of your problems. In particular, you may never determine which foods create physiological responses that lead to headaches. This may include additives and preservatives in processed foods, as well as food allergies that create disruptions in your digestive system.


Common Food Triggers


As you may be aware, foods that contain caffeine can easily cause headaches. These include chocolate, as well as a number of energy drinks that use caffeine, in order to give you a heightened sense of energy. You may also find that just about any food can create something of a personalized allergic response. You should make a list of all of the food that you eat before a headache occurs. Depending on how long it takes food to completely move through your digestive system, it may take several days before you can remove any given food from your list.


Side Effects from Chemical Additives


Today, there are a number of chemicals found in processed foods that can cause you to feel ill. For example, antibiotics found in meat, preservatives in junk food, and various flavor enhancers can easily give you a headache. In fact, if you start studying antibiotics found in meat, you will soon find that headaches are a common side effect associated with ingesting these medications. Unfortunately, just because these drugs have been processed by the animal, it does not mean the residue is biologically inactive.


Individuals who suffer from, both, headaches and stomach aches, should at least consider avoiding processed meats and pre-cooked meals. If you find that your headaches subside, then you can rest assured that the changes in your diet are beneficial ones. As an added bonus, when you get rid of all of the toxins in your diet, you will most likely see improvements in other aspects of your health.


Understanding Digestive Upsets


Though you may not realize it, foods that cause you to become constipated, or ones that release toxins into your body can cause headaches. No matter whether the toxins overload your kidneys or liver, you can rest assured that your nervous system will respond accordingly. At the very least, if you suspect that you are constipated, or your digestive system is off- track, it may be best to wait before you take a painkiller. In some cases, simply drinking some regular iced tea without sugar may alleviate your headache, as well as give your body a chance to rebalance itself. Without question, this a better option than relying on painkillers.


A headache can ruin your entire day, as well as disrupt your sleep cycle. On the other hand, taking painkillers without finding the root cause of your pain will ultimately lead to more misery. Considering all of the problems associated with the modern food supply, you will be well served by investigating what you eat. Chances are, you will be surprised at the number of ingredients in commercial foods that wreak havoc on your body and cause headaches, in the bargain.