Three Things to Help You Succeed With

Changing Health and Exercise in the New Year

By Dr. Adam Alpers, D.O.


Each year, thousands of people visit their doctors and declare that they are going to pursue a fitness program in the New Year. Unfortunately, the vast majority has not set a structured and attainable fitness plan in place. If you truly want to succeed this year, there are three things you can start working on now.

  1. Do Your Research and Be Prepared- No matter what fitness program or plan you are going to use, you will need to have certain things on hand. You will need a mix of vital information and tools that will enable you to carry out your tasks on a daily basis. These may include cookbooks, guides to proper nutrition, athletic gear, meditation tapes, and other supportive resources.

  2. Making Commitments You Can Keep- In many cases, as soon as you start having to deal with cravings, muscle pain, and a general sense of not being well, you may end up renouncing your fitness plans. However, if you take the time to create sub-goals and a realistic level of commitment, you will be able to make changes and stick to them. Without question, reaching one small sub-goal, and maintaining it, is better than not reaching a larger goal, or slipping back to where you started.

  3. Enjoy Your Fitness Plan- Unfortunately, our society is in the mindset that getting fit is hard work, boring, painful, and not fun. You will need to figure out a way to debunk that idea through your own experiences. While you are designing your fitness plan:

    1. Include daily and goal based rewards that make the process enjoyable

    2. Involve friends, family, and co-workers in your activites

    3. Join groups that will help you stay motivated and focused

    4. Include volunteer work or other activities in your plans that will help you give something of value to others.


Every day, you have a chance to make changes in your life. Many people are attracted to the idea of starting the New Year off right, and going forward from there. If you have tried, and failed to reach fitness goals in the past, it is time to do something different. By making use of the three simple steps, you may discover that the next year will be the one where you achieve your fitness goals.