Health Information Center

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Patient Forms


1. New Patient Forms

  • Use this if you are a new patient to our practice or if you have not been seen in over 3 years.



2. Current Patient Update Forms

  • Use this if you are a current patient who has not updated their information in 1 year or more.



3. Medical Records Release

  • This form allows you to receive your medical records or have your medical records sent to Ocala Family Medical Center from another Provider.



4. Authorization for Consent to Medical Care for Minors

  • This form needs to be filled out by a Parent or Guardian in order for your child to receive medical care and treatment without you being present.



5. Walk with a Doc Liability Release

  • If you wish to join or come to our Walk with a Doc program on Saturday mornings at our main office, please fill out and bring this release with you.                                 Click for More Information