Senior Medical Care

The medical care of older or elderly people is referred to as geriatric care. The range of this care has changed to include not just the medical needs, but also the psychological and social needs that are experienced by seniors. More now than at any time before, geriatric care includes a holistic approach to coping with aging and its effects.

Some factors remain unchanged as they always have. The body ages over time and use. Body systems may begin to show their genetics and other signs of aging in our own due times. You will experience the signs of aging such as loss of muscle mass and wrinkling as we all do. Try as you may, your body still feels the effects, which is perfectly natural. However, more experts believe that people can change their mental approach to aging and in some regards control when the more physical aspects manifest themselves.

An important part of geriatrics is helping older persons live happy and satisfying lives in all regards. Geriatric specialists encourage their patients to follow useful and interesting pursuits as they did before. They also strive patients to adopt a sound mental attitude toward aging itself. The prevention of disease is also vital in geriatrics. Importance is placed on suitable exercise, rest, and nutrition, and on maintenance of proper body weight. Regular and thorough medical examinations are another essential factor in the control of illness as it is for all ages.

As goes the mind, so goes the body. For geriatric health professionals, there is also concern for the older person's psychological welfare. Emphasis is stressed in social contacts, economic security, interest in living, work opportunities after retirement, and continuing sense of belonging to society. Geriatrics recognizes the universal truth that health of mind is essential to the health of the body.

Consider that while society still associates wisdom with age, it also associates senior citizens with the Red Hat Society and other positive and very active ways of viewing your station in life. Seniors enjoy easy access to fun, recreational, group, indoor, physical, nursing home, & assisted living activities for elderly adults. Aging is inevitable, if we are lucky. What you can change is your attitude about what aging means to you and your loved ones.