Things to Know About Vitamin D and Calcium

By Dr. Adam Alpers, D.O.


Today, people are wearing more sunscreen, and getting less exposure to the sun. Under these circumstances, it becomes impossible for your body to make Vitamin D. This, in turn, prevents calcium from being absorbed by your cells. Unfortunately, this problem does not just affect your bones, it can affect your heart, nerves, and a number of systems that depend on calcium ions for various functions.


Chances are, you already know that calcium keeps your bones strong and healthy. That said, if your body cannot produce enough Vitamin D, the calcium simply gets flushed out of your system. To make matters worse, if you drink cola, or other beverages that contain phosphoric acid, your bones will be leached of calcium.


Over the years, researchers have uncovered an enormous amount of information about the role calcium plays in cellular functions. In many cases, you will find that calcium and potassium ions are used in tandem to carry out an endless number of functions. It cannot be emphasized enough that all of these functions are undermined when there is not enough Vitamin D available. Vitamin D is vital, to ensure that calcium gets absorbed into your body.


Statistically speaking, over 50% of women who suffer from MS do not take Vitamin D supplements. On the other hand, women who take 400 IU of Vitamin D each day are 45% less likely to develop MS. Typically, severe calcium deficiencies easily mirror some of the most common symptoms of MS. This includes seizures, tight or clamped throat, muscle spasms, and inability to focus.


As you may be aware, colon, breast, and skin cancer are also skyrocketing. While diet, lifestyle, and hereditary factors play a crucial role in these diseases, there are also significant findings related to a lack of Vitamin D. While taking extra supplements may not cure these cancers, it has been known to help prevent them.


Regardless of how you feel about spending time in the sun, you need to stop and think about the practical elements of how your body functions. Therefore, if you always wear sunscreen, or spend most of your time indoors, it will be to your advantage to choose a multi-vitamin that includes sufficient amounts of Vitamin D in order to replace the molecules that your body is unable to produce.