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At Ocala Family Medical Center, our Patients are our family!

Below you will find our downloadable Patient Forms as well as all of the information you need prior to coming in for your appointment.

If you haven’t registered with our Patient Portal yet, please contact the office at 352-237-4133 so we can send you the registration email. The Patient Portal is a great tool to utilize as you can send messages to your Provider, request appointments, make prescription refill requests, pay your bill, and more!

IMPORTANT: For New Patients who are looking to schedule an appointment, please note that if you are currently receiving prescriptions for stimulants or opioids such as:

  • Stimulants:

    • Adderall

    • Methylphenidate

    • Ritalin

    • Vyvanse

  • Opioids:

    • Hydrocodone

    • Oxycodone

    • Percocet

We will not be managing or prescribing any specific controlled medications to include the medications listed above.


If you decide to schedule a New Patient appointment, we will not write these medications for you.

This includes patients who have been diagnosed with ADHD and PAIN and are currently on medications for this.

If you do choose to establish here and are taking those medications, you will be referred out to a specialist to manage those medications. It could take 4-8 weeks to get an appointment with those specialists.


We ask that you do NOT schedule with us as a New Patient if you need these medications quickly.

Please make sure you bring in all pill bottles and documentation necessary to assist with your visit.

What to bring to your Appointment

Please bring identification and your insurance card to each visit and notify us of any changes in your address, phone number, and/or insurance information. To assist your provider, new patients and patients with new prescriptions are asked to bring all medications (prescription and non-prescription) to each visit.


New Patient Forms

Please arrive 45 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork. To save time you may download the new patient forms in the Patient Forms section above and fill them out in advance.




We ask that you kindly give us a 24 hour notice if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. This spot is set aside for you and you only, out of courtesy for other patients please notify us so that we may allocate that time to a patient in need. We will be glad to reschedule a time that works for you. If we do not have 24 hour cancellation notice, you will receive a No Show Fee charge. See No Show Fee Prices below (effective 2/1/24):

PRIMARY CARE                                   FEE

New Patient Appointment             $50

Follow Up Appointment                 $50

Procedures                                       $100

SPECIALTY OFFICES                         FEE

New Patient Appointment           $100

Follow Up Appointment                 $75

Procedures                                       $100

IMAGING                                             FEE

CT                                                       $100

MRI                                                    $100

Nuclear                                             $100

Ultrasound                                      $100


Transferring Records

Medical records can be transferred to Ocala Family Medical Center by sending your current provider a completed authorization. Use the Medical Records Release form found in the Patient Forms section above.

Payment Policies

We accept cash, personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex. Credit card payments may be made in person or by telephone. Ocala Family Medical Center sends statements on a monthly basis. All balances are due within thirty (30) days of the initial statement date unless prior arrangements have been made.



Ocala Family Medical Center is contracted with most major insurance companies in the area. Below is a partial list of plans we currently work with. If you do not see your insurance plan listed below please contact our office at 352-237-4133 so we can verify if we are contracted with your plan.


  • Medicare & Medicare Advantage Plans:

    • United Healthcare:

      • (Wellmed) Medicare Advantage PPO & HMO

      • Supplement

    • Devoted Health:

      • PPO & HMO

    • Traditional Medicare

    • Traditional Medicare with a Supplement

    • Blue Cross Blue Shield

      • Supplement

      • Medicare Advantage PPO &HMO (regular HMO and HMO Premier Plan)

    • Aetna:

      • Medicare Advantage PPO & HMO

    • Humana:

      • Supplement

      • Medicare Advantage PPO

  • United Healthcare

  • BCBS

  • Most Commercial Plans

  • Aetna Insurance Plans

  • Cigna Healthcare

  • Vista

  • Avmed

  • Tricare

Patient Information


Making an Appointment

Please have the following information ready when calling to schedule your appointment:

  • Patient’s full name

  • Date of birth

  • Current insurance information

  • Purpose of the appointment


If you are an established patient, you can request an appointment through our Patient Portal. If you do not have a Patient Portal account, please call our office and we can get you setup with one. It is very important that prior to your appointment, you verify that we have the correct insurance information on file. Failure to inform us of an insurance change may lead to unpaid charges that will be the patients’ responsibility.


New Patient Forms 

Use this if you are a New Patient to our practice or if you have not been seen in over 3 years.


Medical Records Release

This form allows you to receive copies of your medical records or have your medical records sent to/from Ocala Family Medical Center from another Provider.



Authorization for Consent to Medical Care for Minors

This form needs to be filled out by a Parent or Guardian in order for your child to receive medical care and treatment without you being present. Parent or Legal Guardian should be present for Minor's New Patient visit.

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