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Meet Our Family of Providers...

Ocala Family Medical Center -

Primary Care & Internal Medicine Providers

In memory of our

Founding Physician, Colleague and Friend

Photo of Robert Panzer, DO
Photo of Adam Alpers, DO
Photo of Mark Monical, DO
Photo of Robert Williams, MD
Photo of Brian Pecoraro, DO
Photo of Mimi Balch, MD
Photo of Allen Winston
Lucas Place Web use .jpg
Photo of Stacey Graham, APRN-C
Photo of Laurel Bryant, ARNP-C
Photo of Karen Larsen, APRN-C
Photo of Brittani Lucin, APRN-C
Photo of Tyler Lindsey, PA-C
Photo of Corey West, APRN-C
Photo of Melissa Formella, APRN-C
Photo of Alexis Nibe, PA-C
Photo of Samantha Weston, PA-C
Photo of Shekeita Perry, APRN-C
Photo of Andrew Cushenbery, APRN-C
Jennifer Sinquefield, APRN-BC
Family Practice
DSC_7630_ Sarah Yannone Web use .jpg
Cindy Sarduy Web use .jpg
Nicole Dumont Web use .jpg
Chelsey Cristianson Web use  .jpg
DSC_2286 Rocky Grinvalds Web use .jpg


Photo of James London, MD
Photo of Yasmin Amin, MD
Bipul Roy Web use 5591 .jpg


(located at OFMC Plaza)


Photo of Valentina Bradley Kalbaugh, MD
Photo of Amber Starling, APRN-C
Photo of Deb Scott, LPN, LE


Photo of Carly Carrion Olmeda, MD
DSC_Dr Chandramohan Web use .jpg
Dr. Kruthiventi Print use OFM  .jpg
Photo of Philip Johnson, MD
Photo of Evette Hearn, APRN-C
DSC_2961_ Natesha Vaillancourt Web use .jpg
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