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Ocala Family Medical Center -

Main Office

In memory of our

Founding Physician, Colleague and Friend

Photo of Robert Panzer, DO
Photo of Stacey Graham, APRN-C
Photo of Laurel Bryant, ARNP-C
Photo of Karen Larsen, APRN-C
Photo of Brittani Lucin, APRN-C
Photo of Tyler Lindsey, PA-C
Photo of Corey West, APRN-C
Photo of Melissa Formella, APRN-C
Photo of Alexis Nibe, PA-C
Photo of Samantha Weston, PA-C
Photo of Cheryl Seefeldt, APRN-C
Photo of Shekeita Perry, APRN-C
Photo of Andrew Cushenbery, APRN-C
Photo of Rikki Lee McCroskey, APRN-C
Jennifer Sinquefield, APRN-BC
Family Practice


(located at OFMC Plaza)


Photo of Carly Carrion Olmeda, MD
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Photo of Philip Johnson, MD
Photo of Evette Hearn, APRN-C
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